The Lucky 7: The best (and most stylish) shoes for every modern man’s collection

Looking to slim down your mountain-like footwear collection into the ultimate capsule? Keep reading for our seven best shoes for men.

Whilst many of us were unwilling to say our summer farewells and reluctantly welcome autumn, the damp weather and crisp mornings (it’s almost time to break out the car de-icer) make for a timely excuse to treat your footwear collection to a serious upgrade.

We’re all guilty of owning a few too many pairs and hoarding those throwback styles that you’re unlikely to show the light of day again, which only means one thing – ‘Operation Slim-Down’ is a go! That means it’s time to transform your closet into the ultimate collection of the best shoes for men.

If you’re looking for the most essential everyday shoes, you’ve landed just in the right place!

Just keep on reading to discover our stylish seven.

These boots are made for walkin’

Without a doubt, a pair of leather, lace-up boots are a staple for any modern man. It’s a task in itself to pinpoint one specific design to welcome into your new signature seven; whether you decide to go for a biker-boy vibe with some chunky safety boots or business chic with office-ready Chelsea boots, it’s safe to say our range of these leather bad boys will have you spoilt for choice.

Perfect for brisk weekend walks, smart-casual workwear and nights out with the lads, this staple boot is an absolute must-have when it comes to prepping for cold spells.

Opt for a boot in black, tan or brown leather and experiment with trouser styling to achieve your desired aesthetic. Try cuffing a pair of light-washed jeans for a laid-back, edgy look or cover your boots with a smart, tapered pant for a conservative outfit that screams professional.

Prove that these boots really are made for walking with a lace-up leather design, perfect for both formal and casual wear.

Sneak a peek at this everyday essential

This minimalistic shoe style may have been overshadowed by the rule of the chunky trainer in recent years, but the simple, all-white sneaker is a timeless addition to any capsule collection.

These go-anywhere kicks may have found their style inspiration from the timeless tennis shoe, but their endless versatility and chic feel are anything but last season. Plus, what could be better than a pair of sneaks that goes with literally every outfit? Bonus!

Perhaps best of all, you can take this basic shoe from day to night with ease. Simply slip on some chinos with a semi-formal shirt and open blazer for a polished look that’s ready to hit the town.

All-white trainers are the master of versatility! Spicing up your formal wardrobe is a breeze with these minimalist sneaks.

Run into every season in style

You might be telling yourself that the gym can wait until you’ve made it your resolution, but who says the ‘new you’ must be in the New Year?

Treating yourself to a box-fresh pair of running shoes is bound to take your fitness motivation from pending to trending. Whether you’re a budding gym-goer, a total pro who could run 10k in your sleep or just a lover of comfortable, practical footwear, this sneaker style is an essential that’ll give you support in all the right places.

Granted, running sneakers have a reputation for being more functional than fashion-forward, but these trainers offer versatility galore. Go for bright colours for a street-worthy look that’s hard to miss, or a pair with minimal branding and muted colour scheme for easy everyday wear.

Whether you love running or not, a pair of running shoes are a valuable addition to your shoe rack.

Time to get dressy

Although you may prefer to spend most of the time pampering your feet with cushioned soles and soft toe boxes, there are often dress codes which call for a pair of formal shoes. Whether you go for some sleek Derby or Oxford shoes or you lean towards the delicate detailing of brogues, this dressy style will be one you can always rely on.

Complement sophisticated suits with darker shades like black and dark brown, ideal for when you’re looking to elevate your attire for black-tie events and fancy occasions. But, don’t be put off by warm browns and light tans – these earthy tones are a match made in heaven for smart-casual outfits, especially those featuring contrasting denim.

Skip straight to des(s)ert

If you haven’t got a pair of these suede beauties in pride of place on your shoe rack, then you’re seriously missing out!

This flawless silhouette hits smart-casual sophistication on the head. Their characteristic crepe sole, stitch detailing and simple suede construction are what give the classic desert boot their iconic appearance, making them an unbeatable style to have on hand (or foot) for either casual or dressier occasions. Look out for alternative polished leather finishes and get creative with unique colour palettes such as cool blues, frosty greys and rich browns. Our complete desert boot guide has the lowdown on how to wear them too.

The desert boot may have originated in Northern Africa, but this smart-casual shoe style is now a global favourite.

Not just a summer staple

Whether you keep them tucked at the back of your shoe cupboard for 95% of the year, or you have them ready and waiting at your fingertips for the very moment the sun comes out, a pair of sandals definitely deserves a place on our shortlist.

A neutral pair is great for a relaxed look if you’re strolling along the beach or mooching around the house at the weekend. But, if you fancy pushing those style boundaries that little bit further, slip on a pair of chunky ‘dad’ sandals for an on-trend look that the kids will love!

Some simple sandals or flip-flops should always be welcome in your collection - whether the sun is shining, or not!

Slip on, sit back and relax!

You may not have the confidence to wear them in public while going about your daily business but a cosy pair of slippers are a luxury to have waiting by your front door (you’ll thank us later!).

Whether you’re after some traditional mules or classic slip-ons for kicking back on an evening or want to bring some fun to Saturday-morning breakfast-time with a crazy, novelty pair, find out your perfect style and how to care for them with our ultimate slipper-buying guide.

With luxurious fleece fabrics, suedes and plush leather, you can choose your perfect pair of capsule slippers!

ave we missed your favourite footwear design from our signature seven? Let us know your top everyday must-haves on Facebook! We’ve got a great selection of the most stylish shoes for men at Wynsors, so you can build your capsule collection with ease!

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