Trend Alert: The ‘Dad Sandal’ Style Guide


Chunky flat sandals with thick soles and bold straps are most definitely back in; keep reading to find out more.

We never thought we’d find ourselves now in favour of this once fashion no-no, but so-called ‘dad sandals’ are top of the trendiest footwear list at the moment. Don’t believe us? Then read on!

The thick soles and wide straps of the classic chunky sandal are being put to entirely new and exciting uses, placing them unexpectedly at fashion’s cutting edge. They’ve graced their way down high-fashion catwalks for the likes of Prada and Chanel, and their unmistakable silhouette has bombarded its way into high-street stores across the country.

With the warmer weather just about to reach our shores (we hope!), the trend is perfectly-timed for a British summer. Comfortable, low-key and no-nonsense, the time-honoured dad sandal is finally getting its moment in the spotlight.

If you’re still sceptical, then let Wynsors convince you – we’ve got the lowdown on this unexpected and off-the-wall new footwear trend right here.

The rise of chunky sandals

The slow and steady rise of the dad sandal to fashionista favourite has been gathering steam for several years now and it’s set to reach a new peak this season. You may not have thought that your dad’s choice of footwear was up to much, but as the style-savvy are currently learning, it turns out that he was onto something the whole time!

The best thing about this must-have trend is that it gives you a great excuse to wear simple, practical and comfortable footwear – while also being in the vanguard of footwear fashion. Convenient or what?

In addition to all this, what makes dad sandals such a handy choice is their incredible versatility; the fact that they go under so many different names (chunky sandals, tourist sandals and hiking sandals) speaks for itself. So, whether you’re hitting the beach with the family in full force or you’re making your way around this summer’s festival circuit, they’ll be ideal for the job.


How to style this iconic shoe

Dad sandals don’t just belong on your old man’s shoe rack; combine with fresh styling and accessories for a modern look.

If you’ve decided to hop aboard the bandwagon it’s important to know what you’re going to partner your sandals with – the good news is that their adaptable nature can work with (almost) any outfit going!

Of course, just because you’re wearing ‘dad sandals’ doesn’t mean you need to go the whole hog and complete the rest of your old man’s outfit. We think that you’ll be quite alright to go without the dubious shorts, bum bag, saggy vest and all those other dad fashion stereotypes (unless that’s your cup of tea, of course).

For women, consider partnering some chunky leather sandals with a loose-fitting summer dress – mixing the femininity of the dress with the no-frills practicality of your sandals is a winning look. For men, a design with thick buckles can work well as part of a smart casual ensemble by adding a playful and laid-back feel.


How to clean sandals

This trending shoe isn’t showing signs of going anywhere - keep them clean with a simple brush and water combination.

If you’ve invested in a pair of chunky sandals, then you’d be mad not to want to keep them looking neat and presentable. This means you’ll need to clean them regularly and make the effort to look after them, otherwise, they can soon start to show signs of wear and tear.


Here are a few quick and simple tips on how to clean these summer staples:

  • Don’t wash leather sandals in the washing machine – this can do substantial damage to the leather. The same goes for sandals with decorations (such as beads) on them – sticking them in the washer can cause these to come off, ruining their appearance

  • Remove dirt and grime with the help of a bristled brush. It’s inevitable that chunky sandals will pick up their fair share of muck over time, so take a clean brush and use it to remove any larger chunks

  • Vinegar and water can help to remove surface dirt and grime from leather sandals without damaging the leather. Just take a sponge and soak it in a solution that’s equal parts water and distilled white vinegar

  • A leather cleaner can also help to clean the leather and eliminate any odours while ensuring that the leather is well-preserved and retains its look

  • Let your sandals dry out naturally once you’ve cleaned them. Air drying is always the best option – keep them in a sheltered spot away from direct heat or sunlight


Where can I buy sandals?

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of sandals – whether you fancy some chunky buckle sandals or a more minimalistic style – you’ll find an amazing range of men’s and women’s sandals to choose from at Wynsors. Take a closer look today!


What do you make of the new dad sandal trend? We’d love to know your thoughts – simply head over to our Facebook page and let us know! Explore our full collection of sandals today by paying us a visit in-store or browsing our web-exclusives online.










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